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One small act of good will towards someone else is a positive step towards a kinder, more giving community. After all, kindness is contagious. So keep the good vibes rolling by sharing a few Love Notes.

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How It Works


Maybe you know somebody who’s had a difficult week. Maybe your neighbor could use a hand carrying their groceries every now and again. Start looking and you’ll see many, many opportunities around you for to be kind.


Zero in on opportunity and then act on it. Simple as that. You might be surprised at how easily you can do something thoughtful for someone else in your every day life. Pretty soon you might find yourself getting into a habit of spreading the love.


If you have Love Notes, leave one behind after you’ve done something kind. If you’re on the receiving end of a thoughtful act, grab the card and flip it over. It’ll give you an idea of how to keep the kindness rolling.

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Your Turn

Share a Story

Help keep the good vibes rolling by posting a story of kindness, or even just sharing what you’re doing with others so that they can be inspired to jump on board too.

Use the Hashtag

Hop onto your favorite social media outlet and share your story of kindness using the hashtag #lovenotes. You might be even more inspired to keep spreading the love!

Visit the Love Shack

Look for the earliest opportunity to visit a Love Shack. It’s a place where you can send a video love note or personalize your own printed love note. It’s also a great place to get more Love Note cards!