Loyalty through the Years: an Eide Effect Good People Story

“What Vern Eide does, which is really unique, is that they have this kind of protection,” says Karen Heege, a salesperson at Vern Eide Honda. “I have loyalty.”

Loyalty that goes both ways. The kind of loyalty that’s kept Tami Wagner with Karen through three CR-V’s and over 20 years of car sales.

“I wanted something different, so I looked at my options…and I just kept thinking, no I can’t do that…I’m going to stick with Karen,” says Tami. “She has great stories. You know, we laugh…she keeps it fun to buy a car.”

Even when she decided to switch from driving a Honda to driving an Acura, Karen stayed with her. “Karen is my car lady,” Tami says, so she asked Karen to sit in with Tami during the negotiations for her newest ride-an Acura RDX.

She loves her Acura, and still enjoys working with Karen.

“We’re not high pressure,” Karen says about the Vern Eide sales process, “We’re not going to force them to do something that they are not comfortable with.”

Hear their whole story in the video below, and then come visit us to find out why buying a car at Vern Eide is a unique experience.

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