Through Darkness Into Light: A Story of Hope

How long does it take for life to turn upside down?

Sometimes it can spin on a dime, and sometimes it builds up over the span of years. Either way, rebuilding your life after change or tragedy can feel utterly impossible without the support of others. After you’ve experienced genuine community, it only makes sense to give the same to others. And that can take many forms.

For those of us at Vern Eide, that usually takes the form of donating and volunteering. We sponsor a few organizations and ensure our employees are able to volunteer, all in an attempt to spread some kindness. Sometimes that means we go out into the community to help change lives. Sometimes someone walks into one of our locations and changes our lives too.

Carla Schwartz had friends who sought to help turn her life rightside-up after the devastating loss of her husband and the father of her two adolescent children. He had succumbed to a long-term battle with mental illness, and  Carla had to begin again — from rock bottom. One of her friends approached us to help this family in need, and that’s when we shook hands with Carla for the first time.

But after hearing her story, we didn’t want to walk out of her life just like that. That’s because she and her kids Chad and Kristen were in the process of changing ours.

We’re sharing part of her story because, first and foremost, we need a reminder of the stunning story of healing that we can write as a community when we draw together to turn someone else’s life rightside up. And we should also draw inspiration from those who face heartbreak and do more than just survive.

This video may leave you in tears. But don’t stay there. Take the advice of Gordy, the Vern Eide employee who worked most closely with Carla, and take some time to be with the people in your life. They need you as much as you need them.

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