Secrets, insights and know-how from the car experts at Vern Eide Motorcars. Explore this treasury of tips and tricks to make life in your car a whole lot happier. Think you know all of 'em?

Love Notes

Through Darkness Into Light: A Story of Hope

How long does it take for life to turn upside down? Sometimes it can spin on a dime, and sometimes it builds up over the span of years. Either way, rebuilding your life after change or tragedy can feel utterly impossible without the support of others. After you’ve experienced genuine community, it only makes sense […more]

Tips for Safe Winter Driving

Ah, fresh snow. The whole world seems a little bit more beautiful covered in a powdery white blanket. But then it hits you-you’ve gotta drive in the stuff. See, the biggest problem with driving in the winter is that things like ice, snow, and of course, slush, could make driving unsafe if you don’t know […more]

Car Hacks: Holiday Travel Tips

Hitting the road for the holiday season? Use some of our travel tips to make the road a little smoother.

Car Hacks: Leasing 101

Ever wondered how a car lease works? Watch our video to understand a little more about what exactly you’re paying for when you sign up to lease a car. If you’ve got more questions than this video answers, feel free to pick up the phone or stop in any time and we’ll help you better […more]

Car Hacks: Winter Prep

If you’re feeling the cold in the air, get your car winter-ready before the first snow flies.
Peek Under The Hood

Introducing the 2017 Civic Hatchback

Welcome to the world of the 2017 Civic Hatchback: where you can load up your gear without any trouble, opt for a manual if you’d rather have more control over the car, and then hit the road. You deserve a car that can keep up with your life, and that’s exactly what this car is […more]

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